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22 Aug 2011

Similar Addons out there

I wanted to create an extension that does Screen Capture, Annotations plus some way of organizing them. The 1st 2 features are actually readily available out there. But they deal with images only and not the organization part. They also don’t allow other users to comment etc. I wonder if I should continue with this idea for this module … Below are the similar addons. Link to previous post (the idea)


This is what I used before I switched to Ubuntu. Its available only on Windows

  • Screen Capture
  • Annotations/Editor
  • Upload to web services
  • Copy to clipboard

Diggo Toolbar

Great, but for webpages not images, so like highlighting text etc. Even with social capabilities. Alittle cluttered and slow when I used it sometime back. Perhaps I can solve these issues by a local version that optionally syncs to remote server

Awesome Screenshot

Very nice simple app that works for me too. Its probably just lacking in the social networking part.

Does this mean a dead end for my project idea? Hmm, maybe I need to look for another idea? Or since I am Year 1 still, should I drop this module for now and take it another semester? One concern bothering me these few days is load. Considering I’m new to University, though with Poly/Programming background, should I see what results I get for Sem 1 before taking this module? Currently I have 5 modules (after successful appeal)

  • CS1020: Data Structures & Algorithm 1
  • IS1105: Strategic IT Applications
  • IS2102: Requirements Analysis & Design
  • CS2100: Computer Organization
  • MA1301: Introductory Mathematics


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