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Posts tagged "css3"

Posts tagged "css3"

AsiaExpat Web Design/Development (WordPress)

After KLIF Media’s design, AsiaExpat requested a similar site rejecting a few that looks alike. This was the result. I’d say its like KLIF Media v1.5

Software: NetBeans, Photoshop
Languages/Frameworks: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3

Investment uses Custom Post Types/Taxonomy but instead of WordPress default UI for taxonomies, I used a Meta Box to group all custom portfolio meta and taxonomies together. This way, I can use jQuery UI’s multi-value auto complete too.

Design wise, I was quite pleased with my Post Card like contact forms. The social media icons where done my me too. The services page looks great, but the 3D are work are not mine, they are gotten from GraphicRiver.

Live Site

Home Page

Investment Single

Investment Request Brochure


Contact Form

Posts tagged "css3"

KLIF Media Web Design & Development (WordPress)

One of my first projects at KLIF Media (klifmedia.com) was to redesign their site.

Software: Photohsop, Notepad++
Programming: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI

This was one of my first WordPress site (just learning WP for ~1 month then) that I think was more well done. It uses Custom Post Types/Taxonomies/Meta Boxes for Portfolio. For the Contact forms, its implemented using PHP/functions.php with admin pages for viewing form submissions stored in the database.

Design part, considering myself more of a developer, I was quite pleased with myself. Some highlights were the 4 artworks for the services section in the home page, the “paper-style” form and those squigly underline (in banner) & handdrawn arrows (mainnav)

Home Page

Portfolio Single Page

Contact Page

Posts tagged "css3"

Posts tagged "css3"

Posts tagged "css3"